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Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum, Karnataka

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The Hasta Shilpa Kala village located in Manipal is an unusual open-air museum featuring Indian heritage, culture, artefacts, textiles, utensils, furniture, crafts, and toys. It is a spectacular visualisation that showcases the restoration and preservation of the heritage structure in its original glory.
Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum

Nearby Places to See

End Point Park
This park, which is 4 kilometres from the museum, is a great place to unwind after a long day. This location is ideal for watching sunsets because it is perched on a cliff with the Swarna River flowing down onto the plains below.
Hoode Beach
It is a long beach with palm trees that is 18 kilometres from the museum. It is the perfect location for a leisurely stroll along the serene sea waves.


Museum of Anatomy & Pathology
It is one of the biggest anatomical museums in Asia, housing more than 3000 samples and specimens. Opened to the public in 1954, the museum also has a section on lifestyle diseases that affect the human body. The Heritage Centre is located less than 2 kilometres from the museum in Manipal.
Saalumarada Thimmakka Tree Park
The park is well planned and laid out, with clearly marked paths, adventure zones, an elevated walkway, exhibits, enclosures, play areas, rest areas, and amenities. There are many trees and plants, and the area is surrounded by lush vegetation, making it a great place to spend time with loved ones.
hasta shilpa heritage
Manipal Lake
The university town of Manipal in Karnataka, India, is home to the Manipal Lake, also known as Manna Palla (as in the local language). It is a popular tourist destination renowned for its tranquil and natural surroundings. It serves as a hub for many migratory birds.
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