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Dholavira, Gujarat

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A city that thrived in the Indus valley during Harappan civilization more than 4000 years ago was discovered in 1968, and since then, brick by brick, the efforts to unearth the ancient Dholavira have resulted in the finding of remnants of a well built city worthy enough to get UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition. Archaeologists have dug out from the depths of the earth a fortified city, cemetery, water management system, drainage and a fort among others. The city had living quarters of different levels in accordance with the sections of people living. Items like jewellery, copper, beads, etc. found indicate the existence of artisans and the related industry. You would be surprised to know that the large cemetery had burials of six different types! And the most interesting of all the findings are the 10 stone inscriptions. But unfortunately, there is no one to read and decipher these earliest of the scripts. If the script is cracked, then the information would be priceless. Visiting these sites would give an insight on how those people lived in one of the toughest regions of the valley and built a city and a system that could face and withstand the harsh environs. If you are interested in ancient civilisations and their lifestyles, then a visit to Dholavira should be at the top of your list. September to February is the best time to visit Dholavira. It is approximately 215 kilometres from Bhuj, the headquarters of the Kutch district. Samakhiali is the nearest rail station about 140 kilometres away. Bhuj is the nearest airport.

Nearby Places to See


Kutch Fossil Park
Located around 10 kilometres from the city of Dholavira is the privately owned Kutch Fossil Park. The museum, founded in 2002 by a war hero, features artefacts as diverse as a fossilised fruit and an egg from a dinosaur.
Sunset Point
This beach point is one of the best in the area for watching the sun go down, and it’s conveniently located close to Fossil Park. There are a few temples in this area.
Flamingo Lake
Near the Dholavira site is a lake called Flamingo Lake, named for the large numbers of flamingos that flock there. You should know that the long-legged birds only show up when the water is high enough.
Archaeological Museum
A great resource for learning more about what was discovered at the Dholavira site is the nearby Archaeological Museum. During excavations, many artefacts and other items are discovered, and these are preserved here.
Chipper Point
At Chipper Point, a flattened rock formation on the rocky hill protrudes about 5–6 feet into the open, with the ocean only about 200 feet below. Tourists frequently take the three- to four-step approach to the outstretched surface and stand there.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Copper belts, Bags, Tribal jewellery, Kala cotton.

Foods to Relish

In cities nearby: Moong Bhajiya, Dabeli, Fafda, Adadia.