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Dawki, Meghalaya

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Dawki is one of the most idyllic locations in Meghalaya, thanks to the lovely Umngot River and its crystal-clear waters. Dawki is a small border town overlooking Bangladesh. Famed for its tourism, it attracts visitors for boat rides and to enjoy the nearby sights and sounds.

This city, situated in the Jaintia Hills between India and Bangladesh, is an important commercial hub for both countries. One encounters deep gorges and ravines on the way to Dawki. It is worth visiting the British-built suspension bridge that spans the Umngot River. It was constructed in 1932. The British-built Umngot River Suspension Bridge is an impressive structure. It was completed in 1932.

Nearby Places to See

Mawlynnong, one of the cleanest villages in India, is 92 kilometres away from Shillong. Its community-based ecotourism initiative has earned the village the nickname “God’s Own Garden” among its residents. According to this, it is the responsibility of every villager to keep the area clean. To encourage cleanliness, bamboo trash cans are scattered throughout Mawlynnong’s lanes and nooks. The garbage that is gathered in the bins is taken to a pit where it is converted into manure. Both smoking and the use of plastic are prohibited here. The vast majority of its residents practise rainwater harvesting, which is thought to be extremely important. One can get a panoramic view of Bangladesh from this location on the Indo-Bangla border. The unusual and intriguing sight of one boulder balanced on another, known as the natural rock balancing phenomenon, is also present here. Tourists can also enjoy a hike to a single-decker living root bridge nearby.
All Saints Church
It is a historic church in Shillong, which is about 80 kilometres from Dawki. Originally built in 1877, this impressive building was damaged by an earthquake in 1897 and was later rebuilt. This church has a wooden structure and a colonial-style design. This church is the ideal location to spend some quiet time with your loved ones and seek spirituality. It is located across from the State Central Library.
Sky Walk
The Riwai village, about 24 kilometres from Dawki, is famous for its bamboo sky walk. It’s a thrilling experience to balance on these bamboo poles that protrude from the edge. The Sky Walk Corridor is a well-known location. The sky walk offers spectacular views of the state’s plains and forests, as well as the border with Bangladesh.

Foods to Relish

Dohneiihong (Pork meat with black sesame seeds),Jadoh (rice cooked with any meat),Jhur Sdieh (potato and beans dish,Local fruits