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Dandeli, Karnataka

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Perched atop the edge of the western ghats, Dandeli is a great getaway into the lap of nature. Blessed with abundant rainfall and plenty of forest cover, there are two national parks (Dandeli and Anashi) close to the city. These reserved forests are home to rich flora and fauna, apart from cave temples and many waterfalls. The River Kali, which is the lifeline of the city and the two parks, flows past the edge of the city before entering Dandeli National Park. Many sawmill units and timber depots were started during the 1920s to plunder the forest’s wealth. The Dandeli region is a natural habitat for large animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, and Indian gaurs. The Kali River too is full of aquatic life, with freshwater crocodiles making it their home. The crocodile park set up on the outskirts of the city near the ancient Dandelappa temple is a wonderful place to learn about these early Jurassic Period creatures. The natural rapids in the river path have given a boost to river rafting activities and are a major attraction of the city. Dandeli is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and is about 10 kilometres from Karwar, the district headquarters. The nearest rail link is Londa, which is 38 kilometres away and the nearest air link is Hubballi, which is about 70 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See


It is a religious site about 45 kilometres away, well-known for the Channabasaveshwara temple, the Shiva temple, and the Akala Gavi cave. The word “Akala” means “cow” in the Kannada language, and the cave gets its name from the shape of the rock formation at its entrance. Located about 30 minutes from Ulavi town, the cave is a stunning natural attraction. Within the forests, a three-tiered waterfall is accessible via a one-hour hike.
Syntheri Rocks
Here, in a valley, are some beautiful natural rock formations. This rock mountain resembles a fortress, and its sides rise nearly 100 metres above the Kaneri River, which rushes past its base. These rocks, which are about 30 kilometres from Dandeli, are thought to have been created by volcanic eruptions. Small caves have been formed as a result of the water’s constant flow along the rock’s base.
On the right bank of the river Kali, about 8 kilometres outside of the city, is a popular spot for family vacations. A tranquil view is provided by the river’s quiet flow. The existence of Moulangi Eco Park contributes to the time being well spent.
Kulgi Nature Camp
This camp, run by the Forest Service, provides lodging and dining for guests. There are about 8–10 tents spread out in a tidy fashion, all with comfortable beds and private bathrooms. Trekkers and safari tourists alike will find Dandeli National Park to be easily accessible.
Kavala Caves
The presence of a large Shivalinga, measuring about 4 feet in height, has given this cave religious significance. The cave is in the middle of a large rock surface and can be accessed by climbing nearly a thousand steps, most of which are uneven. Inside the cave, there are a few spots where the pathway is so low that visitors will need to crawl. Unless it’s Shivaratri, you need to get permission from the forest department to visit this place.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Forest Honey, Fruits, Bamboo Handicraft Items.

Foods to Relish

River Fish Delicacies, Vegetarian Snacks