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Coorg, Karnataka

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The picturesque hill town of Coorg, also referred to as Kodagu, is located in Karnataka. It is renowned for its coffee plantations, rocky terrain, countless streams, diversity of flora and fauna, dense forests, and stunning views. The Western Ghats mountain range surrounds it, and it is well-known for the Raja’s Seat, a simple monument with a view of rice fields and forests. The entrance of the Madikeri Fort, built in the seventeenth century, is flanked by two stone elephants. The Hindu god Shiva is honoured in the nearby Omkareshwar Temple’s dome.

Nearby Places to See

Abbi Falls
Located about 8 kilometres from Madikeri, this picturesque waterfall is surrounded on all sides by coffee plantations. In order to get a good look at the waterfall, a hanging bridge was erected directly in front of it. A short downwards walk of 10 minutes leads to the waterfall.
Dubare Elephant Camp
It’s an initiative of the forest department, and it’s located on the Kaveri riverbanks, roughly 28 kilometres from Madikeri. Many elephants of varying ages are available for visitors to interact with. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with these mellow mammoths.
The Kaveri River, an essential resource for southern Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, begins its journey here. Hindus revere the river, which springs up in front of a small temple.
Raja’s Seat
It is a location that provides a wonderful view of the Coorg mountain ranges while being located inside the city. Kings used to travel to this location to take in the scenery back when they were in power. The ridge facing the valley has seating set up on it. It became known as the Raja seat because this is where the kings (Raja) used to sit.