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Chorla Ghats, Karnataka – Goa

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This is a fascinating stretch of road that starts at Surla Check Post in Karnataka, veers off into Maharashtra for some distance and then enters Goa state. For the exploring kind of travellers, Chorla Ghat is the place to be. The misty route offers great views with many small waterfalls enroute. More than the route, the many tourist and hiking spots dotted all along run an impressive list. Put on your travelling gear and set off where lakes, hills, valleys, forts, meadows, beautiful villages, ancient temples, forests, rivers, wells and a great number of waterfalls are waiting to showcase the rich natural wonder called Chorla Ghat. A stay here can be an enriching experience if you are willing to explore, explore and explore. Once the rains start until December is the best time to visit Chorla ghats. Surla check post, from where the ghat starts is about 50 kilometres away from Belagavi, the district Headquarters. Khanapur, the taluk headquarters is the nearest rail station, 42 kms away has the nearest airport.

Nearby Places to See

This place is famous for the ancient Mauli Devi temple. The large temple has a pleasant architecture. The artistically re-built temple pond is the birthplace of the Malaprabha river. About 3-4 kilometres further up the road from the temple is the Chigule village. A fantastic viewpoint and a small waterfall can be visited here. Apart from Chigule, there are many villages around the Chorla ghats. The walk on the outskirts of these villages would take the explorers through grasslands, meadows, forests, lakes and cliffs.
Surla Village
Surla is a peculiar village that geographically is in Goa state, but the approach is from Karnataka. The village has a viewpoint from where Surla waterfall and the forests of the western ghats are viewed. Since the village is in Goa which has no tax system on certain products, locals throng the place to buy those very products. But the check post at Surla cross is set up by the Karnataka government to prevent taking the products out of Surla!
Surla Waterfall
It is an amazing waterfall located at the border of Karnataka and Goa. The Kalasa river plummets to a depth of more than 300 feet to form a spectacular spectacle. The trek to this waterfall starts at Surla village and the hike takes nearly 3 hours one way.
Sada Fort
Located at Sada village, this small and beautiful fort is in a strategic location facing the valley. Ramparts, wells and walls are in good shape. A short trek from Sada village leads to the fort. The village has a waterfall as well. A hike of about an hour leads to the waterfall.
Mangeli Waterfall
Mangeli village lies in Maharashtra and is close to Sada village. The road diverts just before Sada and leads to the beautiful waterfall in Mangeli.
Parwad Waterfall
It is a seasonal waterfall located at Parwad village, 5 kilometres from Kanakumbi. The stream falls over into a lovely valley to form this waterfall. This is one such waterfall where the visitor can stand behind the waterfall and enjoy the view. There are plenty of waterfalls in this region spread over the forests in nearby villages. On enquiring with locals, they will share relevant information.
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