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Buxa, West Bengal

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It is a small village that seems lost in the unending wilderness surrounding it. Such is the power of the forests here that it enthrals and instils fear at the same time. If you are an adventure traveller who loves nature or a quiet traveller looking for tranquillity, then Buxa is the place for you. Encircled by the mighty streams gushing down from the Himalayas and forests of the Buxa National Park, this remote village is another world in itself with only stray contact outside. If you want to feel something mysterious and still enjoy it, head to Buxa. The best time to visit Buxa is from October to March. Buxa is about 26 kilometres from Alipurdur, the district headquarters, which is also the nearest railway station. Bagdogra, the nearest airport, is about 175 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See


Buxa Fort
During the seventh and eighth centuries, a Tibetan king built the Buxa Fort in the middle of the Buxa National Park’s forests, more than 2,560 feet above sea level. When Tibetan refugees who had been living in appalling conditions in the fort were relocated to Karnataka in the 1970s, the fort was no longer in use. You can reach the fort via a hiking path that starts in Buxa.
The village of Lepchakha, situated amongst verdant hills, can be reached via a six-kilometre hike. From Buxa, it’s only a 10-kilometre drive.
Buxa National Park
In 1992, more than 750,000 acres were designated as Buxa National Park. Birdwatchers will also enjoy the forest for the wide variety of birds found there.
Buxa Museum
A small heritage museum established by the forest department can be found in Rajabhatkhawa, about 11 kilometres from Buxa. It details the origins of the park and fort.
Buxa is about 38 kilometres away from Raimatang, a remote village on the outskirts of a national park. As beautiful as it is, this village can only be reached by travelling down a river. The village is isolated for about two to three months every year because the river rises and cuts off access during the monsoon. Numerous elephant sightings have made this village famous. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the district can be seen along the road from Buxa to Raimatang.
Located on the banks of the Gadadhar River, Jayanti is a popular tourist destination 6 kilometres north of Buxa. Pebbles from the riverbed that look like white marble are popular souvenirs among visitors. Since it goes through the heart of the park, the path to Jayanti is frequented by wild animals.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Honey, Artefacts, Forest Products.

Foods to Relish

Momos, Non-vegetarian (Chicken) items.