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Bishnupur, West Bengal

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It is a historical city on the banks of the Mej River that once was the capital city of a princely state. It attained the pinnacle of glory and then lost importance within a short span of time. But the heritage city has shown great character and still holds the aura, regality, and charm of a bygone era. Be ready to be awed by the monuments, mesmerised by the Aravali range of mountains overlooking the Mej, find yourself walking around and around inside one of the biggest palaces of India, lose count of the nearly 50 stepwells, experience the rustic, laidback nature of the city, and be inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s quote, ‘…palace of Bundi is such a palace men build for themselves in uneasy dreams..” Bundi is about 40 kilometres away from Kota, the district headquarters. The city has a rail connection, and the nearest air link is at Jaipur, approximately 200 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See


Garh Palace
It’s actually a mix of three separate palaces from various dynasties. Not only are there paintings and sculptures throughout the palace, but there are also artistic balconies, galleries, and ceilings. Individually stunning, the palace’s most notable attractions—the Ratan Mahal, Phool Mahal, Hathi Pole, Badal Mahal, and Chhatar Mahal—are not to be missed. Chitrasala’s original, one-of-a-kind artworks.
Shikar Burj
This magnificent building, situated on the outskirts of the city between the mountain ranges, served as a hunting lodge in the past. This long building features a lovely balcony.
Taragarh Fort
The fort, which was constructed in 1345 and is located near the Garh palace, has fallen into disrepair, with bushes gradually taking over the buildings. Visitors walking along the fort walls can get an idea of how large the fort is.
Rani Ji Ki Baori and other stepwells
This step well, which was built in 1699, is widely regarded as Bundi’s finest example of its kind. The step well, which is more than 150 feet deep, is large, beautifully constructed, and decorated with paintings and sculptures, some of which have endured to the present day. The entrance arch prior to the bathing place evokes the grandeur of bygone days. The other step wells that visitors can visit are called Janana Sagar, Ganga Sagar, Bhora Ji Ka Kund, Abhaynath Ki Baori, and Dabhai Kund.
Sukh Mahal
Located on the banks of Jait Sagar Lake, this palace was the hangout of the Bundi kings and queens, where they entertained guests and went on hunting expeditions.
A cenotaph of 84 pillars
This stunning building in the heart of town was erected in 1683 by Raja Rao Aniruddha, ruler of Bundi, to honour a nurse who cared for him as a child.
Bhimlat Mahadev Waterfall
About 35 kilometres from Bundi’s main town, you’ll find this seasonal waterfall. This 100-foot-tall waterfall only comes to life during the monsoon, when water is released from the dam upstream. More than 130 feet of rock face can be seen here. With the water level at its highest, the scene is truly breathtaking. A historic Mahadev temple stands close to the water feature.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Carpets, Murals, Wooden Toys, Stone statues. Paintings, Rajasthani Sarees, Handicrafts, Artefacts, Shawls.

Foods to Relish

Rajasthani Thali, Laapsi (sweet dish made of wheat, similar to Halwa), Gatte ki sabzi.