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Bodh Gaya, Bihar

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Bodh Gaya is a pilgrimage destination and religious site connected to the Mahabodhi Temple Complex in the Gaya district of Bihar. It is one of the most significant and revered Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the entire world. At this location, beneath a banyan tree known as the Bodhi Tree, Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment and became Buddha, the Enlightened One. Bodh Gaya, a small town in Bihar, is characterised by a serene atmosphere and fervent devotion. This 2,500-year-old centre of Buddhism welcomes visitors from all over the world to experience its spiritual vibes, follow in the footsteps of Lord Buddha, and comprehend his teachings. It is dotted with temples and monasteries. The city sees a steady stream of pilgrims throughout the year with monks in saffron and maroon robes strolling around the monuments and temples, their chants and prayers enveloping the surroundings in a cocoon of peace. The tranquillity and peace associated with Buddhism seem to permeate every aspect of this small town.

Nearby Places to See

Mahabodhi Temple
The Mahabodhi Temple Complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which lies about 115 kilometres south of Patna, the capital of Bihar, and 16 kilometres from the district headquarters of Gaya. It is one of the four sacred locations associated with Lord Buddha’s life and designates the location of his enlightenment. The iconic sandstone temple, which is situated in the centre of Bodh Gaya town and surrounded by lush green lawns, stands at a height of roughly 52 metres. It is an impressive sight with its intricate engravings and arch motifs on its shikara. A gilded statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple depicts him in the well-known bhumisparsha mudra, asking the earth to witness his enlightenment with one finger on the ground.
Tibetan Refugee Market
The materials offered in this market are every buyer’s dream. The list of items includes souvenirs, supplies for crafts, a wide selection of gifts, and more. The place is even more appealing to shoppers because of all the affordable items.
Bodhi Tree
The Bodhi tree, a significant Buddhist symbol, is located to the left of the Mahabodhi Temple. It identifies the place where the original Bodhi tree, beneath which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, once stood. Siddhartha, or Buddha as he was formerly known, sat under a sacred fig tree in Bodhgaya and meditated for more than a month. It is estimated that the current Bodhi tree is the fifth generation descended from the original.
Thai Monastery
This monastery, which is situated in a small park, ought to be considered the most attractive of all the monasteries in Bodh Gaya. It has a deep-sloping roof covered with golden tiles and equal projections from both sides, giving it a neat and attractive look. The monastery also has a Buddha statue and a Thai-styled temple.
Royal Bhutan Monastery
It is a large structure located in a garden and was built on the orders of the King of Bhutan. Clay carvings show important parts of Buddha’s life. These carvings bring a lot of Buddhist tourists to the area. A golden-coloured tall statue of Buddha is inside the monastery.
Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple
It is a modest Japanese temple in Bodh Gaya and is also the only Japanese temple in India. The Japanese government built this temple in 1972. The wooden temple has a beautiful, sizable roof that extends far beyond the walls. The roof has ornamental curved up edges at each of its four corners. It is a well-known temple in Bodh Gaya with paintings showing the Buddha’s life.