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Belum Caves, Andhra Pradesh

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Measuring more than 10,500 feet, it is not only the largest but also the longest cave system in the Indian subcontinent that is open to visitors. Located at Belum village, this fabulous creation of nature comes alive when it is lit, with minute details visible on the cave walls. The long and narrow passages, large open spaces, and mystical water pools leave the visitors mesmerised. The cave has its deepest point at 151 feet. It is believed that the cave was formed by the underground flow of the now non-existent Chitravati river over a period of more than 1000 years. The caves were discovered in 1884, and the state government declared them a protected site in 1988.

Nearby Places to See


It is a historical town on the banks of the river Penna, about 60 kilometres from the Belum caves. The temples dedicated to Madhavraya Swamy and Raghunatha Swamy are two of Vijayanagara’s finest works of architecture. Fort Gandikota is home to some historic structures that are worth seeing. Gandikota Canyon, so named because the Penna River flows through a small stretch of the high-walled valley, is the most popular tourist attraction in town, especially among campers.
Kona Waterfalls
It is a beautiful waterfall, roughly 100–120 feet in height, and it is located near the Kona village, about 45 kilometres from the Belum caves. It is created by rainwater that has gathered in the plains above the valley, where it cascades down. The waterfall can be reached by taking a path that runs along the valley floor from the village.
Yaganti Temple
45 kilometres separate the Belum caves from the Uma Maheshwara temple in Yaganti town. The temple is well-known for its small but picturesque pond, which features a mantapa supported by four pillars. The source of the water, which enters the pond through a small opening beneath the hills, is still unknown. The hills in the area are interesting to explore. Three nearby caves—Agasthya, Venkateshwara, and Veera Brahma—are equally well-known as the temple itself. These caves are difficult to get to and require some stair climbing.


Things to Buy

Things to buy at Nandyal include Handicrafts, Religious items.

Foods to Relish

At Nandyal: Andhra style Thali, Different types of vada.