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Ayodhya pahar, West bengal

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Officially known as Ayodhya Hills and Forest Reserved Area, this range of forested hills is popularly known as Ayodhya Hills. A famous tourist destination, this beautiful area makes up the extended part of the eastern ghats, which lie to the south. The walk in the forest to the many waterfalls spread around the reserved forest, along with the visits to rivers and dams, will make your stay amidst nature a fulfilling experience. The mythological importance of the mountains and the tribals living in the region add a mythical touch to the verdant location. Mountaineers rush to the hills to test their skills against a couple of rocky hills. Overall, these hills offer a complete gamut of thrilling experiences a tourist can look forward to. The Ayodhya Hills reserved area is approached from the village of Baghmundi, 60 kilometres from Purulia, the district headquarters. Purulia is also the nearest rail station. Ranchi is the nearest airport, approximately 110 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See


Mayur Pahar
It is a small hilltop located 14 kilometres from Baghmundi that is home to a Hanuman temple. From here, you can take in a lovely panorama of the Ayodhya Pahar forests. It’s a peacock or a Mayur. The name “Mayur Pahar” refers to the time when the neighbourhood was occupied by peacocks.
Bamni Waterfalls
Waterfalls in Bamni, both Upper Bamni and Lower Bamni, are formed by the same stream. These waterfalls are located roughly 17 kilometres from Baghmundi. Both waterfalls are easily accessible via a relatively short hike in opposite directions. Both waterfalls attract visitors during the appropriate seasons because of their proximity to the road.

The Turga dam, constructed to produce electricity, is located about 2 kilometres from Baghmundi. Hills surround the water storage area, and their reflection in the still body of water is a beautiful sight. Lower Dam and Upper Dam, which are separated by some distance, are two dams that attract many sightseers. Just 14 kilometres from Baghmundi is the breathtaking Khairabera Dam.

Turga Waterfalls
Upper and Lower Turga Waterfalls are located a short distance uphill from the Turga dam site and are the twin waterfalls formed by the same stream. Close to the road, in a picturesque setting, is the tiny Lower Turga waterfall, which features a cascading design. The pool at the base of the approximately 25-foot-tall Upper Turga Waterfall is stunning. This waterfall is accessible via a forest trail that can be reached in about 15 minutes. During certain times of the year, these waterfalls can be seen.

Charida Village
The picturesque village of Charida can be found only 2 kilometres from Baghmundi. Every resident of the village works in the mask industry. These masks are stunning to look at, with vivid hues and expert craftsmanship. They would be completely bewildered by the variety of masks used and the people involved in this trade.

Murraburru Hill
About 13 kilometres from Baghmudi, Murraburru Hill is a massive, single rock mass that rises nearly 800 feet into the air in the shape of a pyramid. A lot of people come here to climb the rock hill just for fun. Together with the local communities, an artist has spent the last 30 years painting huge canvases of birds on the mountain’s face and on isolated boulders in the forest. Already, there are over sixty drawings of this type. This action led to the hill being renamed Pakhi (bird) Pahar (hill). From the peak, hikers can take in a breathtaking panorama of the Ayodhya Pahar forest below them.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Masks from Charida, Local produces from Baghmundi.

Foods to Relish

Local Bengali dishes and sweets.