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Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

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A hill station located in the midst of the Eastern Ghats, it is about 110 kilometres away from Vishakhapattanam, a major industrial hub of Andhra Pradesh state. The valley, which spreads over 35 kilometres, has reserved forests, the tallest mountain peaks in the state, and many waterfalls. It receives maximum rainfall and is 1300 feet above sea level. It is home to numerous tribes that have their own unique lifestyles. The pleasant weather of the valley and the beautiful topography of the eastern ghats play an important role in enhancing the appeal of this place. A long rail route passing through the valley with more than 50 tunnels offers great views of the forests from close quarters.

Nearby Places to See

Padmapuram Botanical Garden
Located within Araku city, it is a beautifully laid garden spread over an area of 26 acres. A variety of flowers and plants are seen here. It was started in 1942 as a small vegetable garden to fulfil the requirements of the soldiers in World War I. Now it is a full-fledged horticultural garden.
Borra Caves
Located 37 kilometres from the valley, these caves were discovered in 1807. The Gosthani river flowing past the caves has played a major role in the creation of these caves. The cave houses a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Even though the cave has 3 sections, tourists are allowed entry only to the 2nd section. The lit caves allow the visitors to clearly view the limestone creations.
Galikonda Viewpoint
Located in the ghats about 15 kilometres from Araku on the way to Borra caves, a spectacular view of the eastern ghats and their valleys can be enjoyed from this viewpoint. Two of the largest peaks of the entire eastern Ghat range are visible from here.
Tribal Museum
Located in Araku town, the museum, established in 1996, houses artefacts and materials related to the daily lifestyles of the many tribes that have made Araku their home. A total of 19 tribes live in the valley, and the museum provides information on them as well.
Katiki Waterfall
This waterfall is located about 40 kilometres from Araku and just 6 kilometres from Borra Caves. This waterfall is about 90-100 feet tall and is approached after a 30 minutes hike from the nearby village.
Rana Jilleda Waterfall
Located just 6 kilometres away from Araku, it is a small waterfall of 40ft height that drops into the crevice created in a large rock surface. It is a narrow valley, and entry is probably restricted when water flow is high during the monsoon.