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Anini, Arunachal Pradesh

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Just like any other tourist place in the state, Anini is blessed with a bountiful share of natural wealth in terms of verdant green hills, snow-capped mountains, valleys, clean rivers and paddy fields. The ‘Idu Mishmi’ tribe with their beliefs, lifestyle and language leave a strong mark on the visitors. Located in Dibang valley, nature lovers and culture freaks will find the village most inviting and engrossing. The road journey to the village is dangerous and covers the thrill part of the trip. If you want to experience the pristine weather and the never-ending vistas of mesmerising views in addition to the enjoyable loneliness, then make it a point to visit Anini, the land of tribes and traditions. November to March is the best time to visit Anini. The place is about 580 kilometres from Itanagar, the capital city. The nearest railway station is Tinsukia about 325 kilometres away. Dibrugarh, 375 kilometres away, is the nearest airport.

Nearby Places to See

Located close to the city at an elevated place, this viewpoint is a great place to relax and have a panoramic view of the town.
Mathun Valley
Located at about 35 kilometres from Anini, it is a beautiful valley and best watched from the Mipi village. More than the valley the drive is a canvas of nonstop meadows and grasslands.
Dri Valley
This fabulous valley with Dri river flowing silently has a lonely road leading to the last village on the Indian side named Dambeun, inhabited by only a few residents who belong to the Idu Mishmi tribe. The road to the village passes through picturesque locations.
Dri Valley
Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary
Located far off from Anini, in the Himalayan mountains, this Sanctuary is approached only by hiking from Anini. Guides are available at Anini, and the hikers will have to carry tents and food. This is a gruelling trek that takes about a week both ways. Covering more than 1600 square kilometres, the wildlife here includes musk deer, black bear, and red panda among others.
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary
Located near Roing, 225 kilometres from Anini, this park is to be covered only by hiking. The trail can be covered in 3-4 hours comfortably. The sanctuary is named after a large lake within its perimeter. It was declared a reserved forest in 1980 and is spread over an area of approximately 110 square kilometres. Tigers, leopards, and gibbons are the main animals found here.
Bhismaknagar Fort
It is an archaeological place, 25 kilometres from Roing. Covering an area of over 1800 square kilometres, the area is still being excavated. Archaeologists have dated the fort to the 12th century.
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