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Akshardham, New Delhi

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Akshardham Temple is one of the prime attractions in the capital of India. Here you witness the exclusive architectural charm consisting of more than 234 beautifully carved pillars, 9 elaborate domes, 20 quadrangle spires, and 20,000 sculptures of spiritual personalities of India. The Akshardham temple complex, the largest comprehensive Hindu temple in the world according to Guinness World Records, is a magnificent example of Hindu architecture. Spanning a vast area, the complex looks like a splendid heavenly city when viewed from above. Pink sandstone and marble were used in the construction of the temple, which is surrounded by immaculate lawns, waterfronts, and open courtyards. It was created using pancharatra and vaastu shastra and is an example of traditional Hindu architecture as well. The temple’s musical fountain, Yagnapurush Kund’s Sahaj Anand Water Show, and breath-taking Light and Sound Show are just a few of its intriguing features.

Nearby Places to See

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
This gurudwara is associated with Guru Har Kishan, the eighth Sikh guru, and was formerly the bungalow of Raja Jai Singh, a Rajput king who ruled in the 17th century. This bungalow, where Guru Har Kishan stayed, has been transformed into a gurudwara in his honour. With its spacious grounds, pretty building, and tranquil pond, this property is an ideal refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. The temple of Akshardham is located 13 kilometres away.
Humayun Tomb
It’s about ten kilometres from the Akshardham Temple and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Taj Mahal is commonly believed to have been inspired by this tomb. The tomb of the second Mughal ruler is in a beautiful setting, with a well-kept garden all around it.
National War Memorial
The war memorial, which was established in 2022 and is located close to India Gate, honours the brave soldiers who gave their lives in defense of the nation. In the evenings, the location’s lighting provides a breathtaking sight. It is located 9 kilometres away from the Akshardham temple.