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Agumbe, Karnataka

Been there recently?

It is THE place to be in during monsoon. Located amidst rain forests, it is one of the wettest places in India with record rainfall and remains engulfed in fog throughout the monsoon. ‘Walk in the Mist’ is a reality here. It is one of those dreamy villages which have only a limited number of houses, falls quiet after nightfall and evokes a nostalgic feeling from some corner of the mind for every visitor to the village. If you are looking for outdoor activity there are three beautiful waterfalls tucked away in nearby forests, there are hilltops that require long hiking and there are King Cobras! The rain forests around Agumbe are environmental hotspots with wild animals and varieties of serpents with the King Cobra being the VIP inhabitant. Pack your bags and set off to this small yet famous village to spend a memorable holiday. The best time to visit Agumbe is immediately after peak monsoon and up to December. Agumbe is about 90 kilometres from Shivamogga, the district headquarters. Nearest rail station is Udupi, 52 kilometres away. The nearest airport is at Mangaluru approximately 90 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See

It is a hill, 15 kilometres away from Agumbe that has a Basadi and a small pond atop. Vehicle stops just before the peak and ascending 100-odd steps takes the visitors to the peak of the hill. The breeze and the beautiful views of the plains refresh the visitors.
At about 29 kilometres is Shrungeri, the place where the great saint Shankaracharya established the first matha (mutt). The holy place also has the ancient Vidyashankara temple, a great piece of art that has an attractive style and beautiful sculptures.
Onake Abbi Falls
The entry point to this fabulous waterfall is just about 2-3 kilometres from Agumbe. From the entry gate, an easy walk for about an hour takes the visitors to the top of the waterfall. The waterfall plummets to a depth of over 100 feet into a deep gorge. A trek of about 90 minutes starting from Someshwara village, 10 kilometres away from Agumbe leads to the base of the waterfall.
Koodlu Teertha Waterfalls
Another of those lovely waterfalls located amidst naturally fantastic locations. After covering about 27 kilometres from Agumbe into the dense jungles of the western ghats, it takes a short uphill trek into the mountains for about half an hour to reach the waterfall.
Barkana Falls
Located near the Mallandur village about 5 kilometres away and then a hike for about 40 minutes, this waterfall is viewed from a viewpoint. The unnamed stream launches itself from the top of the mountain on the opposite side of the viewpoint and cascades down to more than 500 feet. Only the top 100-odd feet is visible.
Jogi Gundi
Located a short distance off the road towards Mallanduru, this place is amidst thick and dark forests. The stream enters the crevices of a horizontal rock and comes out from the sides creating a beautiful large pond in front. During monsoon, the overflowing stream falls directly over from the top of the rock creating a waterfall.
Agumbe Rainforest Research Station
Located just about a kilometre from Agumbe inside the forest cover, ARRS was founded in 2005 by herpetologist Romulus Whittaker. The main purpose of this station is to study the life and habits of King Cobra. A visit to this station is quite an experience and visitors can leave the place after having learned about the King Cobra.